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Pentagon Consulting is a Veteran owned business and one of Australia's leading operations research, reliability and system engineering consultancies. We have provided high level consulting services to the Engineering, Defence, Construction and Mining sectors in Australia and overseas for over 20 years. 

Pentagon have an established record of successfully participating in and completing some of Australia's largest and most complex engineering and Defence related projects.  With customer service as a core value we continue to provide ongoing services and support to Australian and multinational engineering firms and Australian and Allied Defence Forces. 

Pentagon have recently played a critical role in the following major projects;

  • Federal Safety Certification of over 15 major engineering companies with the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner
  • Construction of M7 Motorway On-Ramps and Off-Ramps and RMS Bridges 
  • Construction of over 20 Waste Water and Sewerage Treatment Plants
  • Construction of Gigalitre volume earth wall and mass concrete dams
  • Construction of 2.4 Megalitre/min Transfer Pumping Stations
  • Construction of Black Start Gas Turbines & balance of plant for Power Stations
  • Major Undersea Horizontal Directional Drilling projects
  • Construction of major CS Gas Gathering infrastructure
  • Construction of major CS Gas Trunklines & Pipelines
  • Concentrating Solar Power projects and Solar Array projects 
  • Hard and Soft Rock Quarrying
  • Tunneling projects using Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) 
  • Demolition & Chemical remediation of Cockatoo Island Dockyard
  • Demolition & Chemical Remediation of structures at Fleet Base East - Garden Island Dockyard
  • Project Managed major demolition projects for Concrete Demolitions in Sydney
  • Maintenance shutdowns of Drag-lines and Shovels for major coal mines
  • The rapid acquisition & installation of "Complex Reactive Real Time Weapon Systems" for the Royal Australian Navy.
  • Establishing, verifying and validating the Certification Baseline for Royal Australian Navy major fleet vessels
  • Development of rigorous quantitative methods to allow the Royal Australian Navy to predict engineering failure and human factor incident rates   
  • Development of Naval Engineering Standards for the Royal Australian Navy to meet and exceed the requirements of NATO Engineering Standard - ANEP 77.
  • Certification of Royal Australian Navy major fleet vessels to the Naval Ship Code
  • Certification of Royal Australian Navy major fleet vessels with Lloyds Register
  • Certification of Royal Australian Navy major fleet vessels to the ISM Code.

At Pentagon we live by our philosophy to "always look through the eyes of the customer" and are able to provide solutions to your systems engineering and compliance objectives which are based on your needs.


Our aim is to redefine the standard of service provision most customers are used to receiving from consultants. We not only provide a service, but are willing to transfer our knowledge to the customer so that they can sustain their business improvements without continuous reliance on external expertise.

Pentagon Consulting can assist you to meet all of your organisations systems engineering and operational risk management needs.

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