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Demolition & Chemical Remediation

Pentagon Consulting has been engaged to manage risk and safety associated with high-risk demolition and chemical remediation projects since 1997. We have successfully completed some of Australia's most risk inherent projects over this period.

Cockatoo Island Dockyard

Pentagon was engaged as the Project Manager for the Demolition, Chemical Remediation and Salvage of Cockatoo Island Dockyard. This project involved remediation of Sodium Cyanide, Friable Asbestos, Hydrocarbons, Mercury and other Heavy Metal contamination on Cockatoo Island Dockyard. Additionally, we were responsible for the demolition of a large number of chemically contaminated industrial buildings and a series of 400 Tonne Naval Wharf Cranes from structurally compromised timber wharfs. We successfully salvaged over 85% of the demolition material.

Garden Island Dockyard 

We managed the demolition, chemical remediation and salvage of a large number of Heavy Industrial Naval structures within the RANs Fleet Base East at Garden Island in Sydney. This included the remediation of friable asbestos and heavy metal contamination.

Zetland Concrete Friable Asbestos

Pentagon was contracted to manage the beneficial use of 80 000 cubic metres of friable asbestos-contaminated waste (Zetland Concrete), and 40 000 metres of high Silicate content Dimension Stone which was illegally dumped at Boral Prospect Quarry in Sydney. This project involved utilising the Zetland Concrete and Dimension Stone in the construction of an artificial aquifer in an extremely caustic (pH >12) environment. 

Sewerage Treatment Plants

Pentagon has managed the demolition of a large number of Sewerage and Waste Water Treatment Plants across Australia. This included managing remedial processes and safety risks associated with the bio-hazard, friable asbestos and chemical remediation of the Sewerage Treatment Plants. 

Commercial Projects

We have managed the safety, systems and engineering aspects associated with large-scale strip-outs and structural modifications of High-Rise Commercial buildings such as Chifley Tower, Caltex Building, Australia Square, the Queen Victoria Building.

Residential Projects

We have managed the controlled demolition and salvage of a large number of residential properties across Sydney. Recycling or salvaging over 80% of the demolition products. 

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