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Goal Structuring Notation - GSN

Pentagon are Australia’s leading authority on the use of Goal Structuring Notation for the development of Safety Cases, and can add value by virtue of our considerable experience in the design of advanced GSN paradigms. These novel paradigms facilitate the rapid development of Safety Cases and Safety Compliance Assessments for Major Hazard Facilities and other high risk processes whether in the Defence or Civil sectors. 

Safety Cases are ‘live’ and the body of supporting evidence is often large and comes in various forms from different sources; developing and maintaining such large bodies of work has become increasingly challenging.

Pentagon Consulting have recently developed a novel Goal Structuring Notation – Compliance Assurance Model (GSN-CAM) for the Australian Department of Defence. This Goal Structuring paradigm readily provides an argument to support a claim that, any evaluated Defence Materiel or Combat System is designed, constructed, and operated in accordance with NATO Engineering Specifications (such as ANEP77) and NATO and Defence Regulatory Systems. 

By employing our models to undertake such an assessment it can be readily shown that any evaluated Military platform is safe to own, safe to operate, and is operated safely. Additionally our models can be used to support Command Decisions during combat or strategic deployment.

Our goal structuring models are an effective methodology to assist in the development, maintenance and review of any type of Safety Case. They present well-structured safety arguments supported by a body of objective quantitative and qualitative evidence which is centrally managed from within the GSN software tool – ASCE. The GSN Model also allows various reports to be generated to support the technical and operational safety and engineering assurance process at various decision points within a Materiel’s life-cycle. 

Pentagon can undertake high level Safety Case and Engineering compliance assessments against any NATO, Defence, or Civilian Engineering Standard or Regulatory System for all Allied Nation Defence Forces or Civilian Customers.