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Reliability Engineering & Failure Analysis

Pentagon Consulting can assist in the identification and management of asset reliability risks that could adversely affect plant or business operations. We specialise in the following areas: Loss Elimination, Failure Analysis and Risk Management.

Loss Elimination

Pentagon can identify and track production losses and abnormally high maintenance cost assets, then find ways to reduce those losses or high costs by developing strategies focusing efforts on the largest/most critical opportunities. Pentagon can develop plans to eliminate or reduce the losses through undertaking comprehensive failure investigations and root cause analysis; we can further assist with facilitation of the implementation of such plans.

Failure Analysis

Accidents, structural failures, and components not meeting their specified design life can often result from poor design, material imperfections, manufacturing faults, component misuse, assembly issues, or corrosion. The environment within which the component is placed in service can also contribute to complicated failure modes such as creep ratcheting, rupture, and creep fatigue. Pentagon Consulting certified Materials Engineers are ASM International qualified Failure Analysts and Investigators.

Risk Management

Pentagon can provide specialist advice in the management of risk to the achievement of an organisation’s strategic objectives in the areas of work health and safety, asset capability, quality and production. Some tools used by our Reliability Engineers to identify and reduce risk include:

  • PHA - Preliminary hazards analysis
  • Weibull Distribution - time to event analysis
  • FMEA - Failure modes and effects analysis
  • Vibration Analysis - condition monitoring and fault rectification
  • Poisson Analysis - probability of event analysis
  • CA - Criticality analysis
  • SFMEA - Simplified failure modes and effects analysis
  • MI - Maintainability information
  • FTA - Fault tree analysis
  • ETA - Event tree analysis


Pentagon Consulting is able to advise on the reliability engineering and systems safety implications of assets and plant, as well as any proposed modifications and configuration baseline changes to materiel, plant, equipment and operating regimes and any associated system platforms and interfaces.


For work requiring Security Clearance, Pentagon have AGSVA Security Clearance to NVL1 and can obtain NVL2 if required

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